Planning a London wedding? Our take on trends for 2013

Wedding trends

As the wedding planner at The Royal Horseguards, Laura Ramella has been privileged to see wedding trends come and go.

Here, she’ll be talking us through the wedding trends she’s expecting to see at our luxury London wedding venues. So if you’re planning your big day, please read on for some inspiration …

Winter is the new wedding season

Summer is often feted as the wedding season, but we’ve noticed that more brides are saying ‘I do’ to a romantic winter wedding, with weddings in October, November and December becoming ever more popular.

A return to glamour

2012 was undoubtedly a year for vintage weddings and the shabby chic look, with more brides incorporating tea lights, bunting, jam jars, heirlooms and wildflowers into their big day.

But in 2013, the timeless elegance of formal black tie dress codes, chandeliers, silverware and crystal glasses look set to return to the height of chic as brides opt for a more classic look.

Have a party

Siobhan Craven-Robins, a sought-after London wedding planner who has appeared in countless magazines and on television programmes like BBC Breakfast, is looking forward to seeing brides embrace weddings with a fun party atmosphere. She sees a growing interest in informal dining options such as bowl food and more attention being paid to great lighting and elements like coloured dancefloors and pop-up cocktail bars to create a playful mood.

Weddings dresses … with colour and sleeves

Mark Niemierko, dubbed ‘the Vera Wang of wedding planners’ has A Stylish Bride that he expects more brides to walk down the aisle in anything from pastel pink (like Jessica Biel) to yellow.

But it seems Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen gown will inspire more brides (and designers) to choose sleeves over strapless dresses. Many have been calling out for a bigger choice of long-sleeved dresses, and they will finally see their wish come true in 2013. Dresses are expected to have an altogether more demure look, with high necklines, lace and long sleeves.

And if you need help finding the perfect dress (white or otherwise), take a look at our previous post on the best bridal boutiques in London.


Peonies proved a popular choice for wedding bouquets last year, and it seems they’re set to stay. But many brides will choose their flowers based on what’s in season, rather than what’s fashionable. If your heart’s set on peonies, you might want to have a spring wedding or choose Ranunculus, which look very similar.

McQueens, who have done the flowers for everything from the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party to the Cannes Film Festival, have predicted that pale, soft pinks and peach tones with a splash of intense colour will be gain in popularity over the next year.


According to Erika, who pens the Borrowed Bleu blog, lace won’t be limited to the wedding dress and veil. Look for it to crop up on tables, wrapped around candle, on the cake… everywhere, really.

The roaring twenties

With a big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby and season 4 of Downton Abbey out in 2013 we’re all set to get swept away by Gatsby-like, jazz-age glamour.

While the shabby chic, make-do-and-mend brand of vintage might be less popular this year, a more glamorous version of vintage with beaded flapper dresses, strings of pearls, exquisite furs, champagne saucers and art deco inspired tables and invitations will take its place.

If you’re going for a subtle 1920s look, borrow some of the colour schemes including accents of pearly whites, blush pinks and lilacs with touches of gold and black.

Laura has worked as a Wedding and Special Events Manager at The Royal Horseguards and One Whitehall Place for over a year, and has worked to arrange events within the hospitality industry and in five star hotels for a number of years. Laura’s passion, attention to detail and lovely manner has endeared her to our brides, who have been very pleased to have her help in making their wedding day truly memorable.

Have you decided on a theme yet?

Please let us know what you think in our comments section and remember to come to our exclusive Wedding Open Day on 3 March where you’ll be able to have a look around our hotels and get help on planning your special day.

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