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Chocolate recipe competitionCuckoo for cacao? Do you have an amazing chocolate recipe that’s guaranteed to produce ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ around the table? Are you hopelessly, unapologetically addicted to all things chocolatey?

If so, you’ll want to read on. To celebrate the stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (directed by Oscar winning director Sam Mendes) we’re offering you the chance to create a chocolate recipe for The Tower hotel’s Brasserie Restaurant menu and win a personal chocolate tutorial in a professional kitchen…

We want your chocolate recipes!

Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory encapsulates the magic of childhood and is a story every chocolate lover can relate to. Who hasn’t dreamed of diving, head first, into a silky river of chocolatey goodness?

We want you to get in touch with your inner Augustus Gloop and think about your idea of chocolate heaven. Is it a chic chocolate macaron? A dark and mysterious chocolate pudding which oozes out yet more glutinous chocolate? Or something daring, pairing chocolate with an unexpected flavour like rosemary or lime?

Perhaps your dish is a firm family favourite, or something that’s been inspired by a film you’ve seen or a city you’ve fallen in love with. Close your eyes and let your love of chocolate take over…

What you’ll get

Our talented senior sous chef Patrick Graf will turn your entry – whether it’s just the glimmer of an idea or a fully realised recipe – into chocolate reality. Your delectable dish will feature on The Brasserie’s menu for everyone to order and enjoy.

What’s more, you’ll get an exclusive invite into the kitchen at The Brasserie to watch our head chef show you how he makes the dish, giving you the chance to try putting it together in a professional kitchen yourself.

You’ll then move into the restaurant area to enjoy your finished dish while taking in the views over the River Thames and Tower Bridge. Cue chocolate bliss.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to design and create a dish alongside one of London’s most exciting chefs, and a chocoholic’s dream.

How to enter

All we need from you is:

• A recipe name (the more tempting the better)

• A short description of your chocolate recipe (anything from a sentence or two to a full blog post). You can tweet it to us using the hashtag #GuomanChoc, send us a message on Facebook, email or leave a comment below.

Your entry must be in by 5pm on 16 July.

Chocolate recipe

A short history of chocolate for inspiration

• The Ancients

The Incas, Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico and Central America were the world’s first chocoholics. They would drink a very dark brew made from ground cacao seeds, seasoned with heady spices.

They were so enamoured with chocolate that it regularly featured in their religious ceremonies and the Mayans even worshipped the Cacao tree, referring to chocolate as ‘the food of Gods’. And you thought your chocolate habit was out of hand!

• The Europeans fall in love with chocolate

Spanish explorers introduced chocolate to Europe in 1528, but sweetened it with sugar and vanilla for European tastes. It went down a treat with the Spanish, followed by the French and Austrian nobility.

Chocolate remained the preserve of the very rich until the 18th century when it started to come down in price. Soon, chocolate houses sprung up everywhere, including The Coffee Mill and Tobacco Roll in 1857 – London’s very first chocolate shop.

The chocolate bar as we know it didn’t arrive until 1847 when Fry’s produced it in their factory in Bristol.

• Chocolate in 2013

Much like the ancients, we’re a nation of chocoholics here in Britain. Aside from the Swiss, we spend more on chocolate than any other country in Europe to fuel our addiction (£3.5bn a year).

Britain has gone through something of a chocolate revolution in recent years, and our palates are now tuned into the wonderful array of aromas and tasting notes that different varieties of cocoa beans can give us.

Finally, people are starting to treat chocolate with respect and recognise that a bar of high grade chocolate can be as complex and rewarding as a bottle of fine wine. London is now awash with artisan chocolate shops selling quality, handcrafted chocolates like Paul A Young and Artisan du Chocolate.

How to spot good chocolate

It’s not just about a high cocoa content. According to the experts, the biggest factor is the quality of the beans and how long they’ve been conched (kneaded). The more time spent conching the beans, the more flavour you’ll get out of them.

Use your senses when tasting chocolate. It should feel silky (not sticky), smell complex and make a satisfying snapping noise when broken instead of crumbling. Once you’ve popped a piece in your mouth, it should melt quickly on your tongue into a smooth, creamy liquid and leave a lingering aftertaste.

What’s your ultimate chocolate recipe?

Terms and conditions:

• This competition is open to UK residents only. No purchase necessary.
• Entrants must be over 18 to enter. One entry per person. Employees of the Guoman & Thistle Group (“Guoman Hotels”) or LBi are excluded
• The competition ends 16.07.13 at 5pm and the winner will be chosen, then notified by email and announced on the Guoman Blog
• The prize is: the winner will have their recipe appear on The Tower Hotel’s Brasserie Restaurant menu for a minimum of one month and see how the chef prepares the dish
• The winner will be chosen by Guoman Hotels and their external agency LBi
• The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. There will only be one winner, if the winner is unavailable or does not respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen
• Entrants retain the copyright in their entries and grant Guoman Hotels and its permitted licences a non-exclusive licence to use for their respective business purposes in connection with the competition. However, once selected and notified, in consideration of the prize the winner assigns copyright in the winning entry to Guoman Hotels (and hereby agrees to do so by way of present assignment of future rights) and waives his/her moral rights although reasonable efforts will be made to mention the winner’s name alongside the winning entry
• The competition is run by Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Limited, PO Box 909, Bath Road, Uxbridge, UB8 9FH.

13 thoughts on “Create a chocolate recipe for The Tower hotel

  1. I’d like to enter my MILLIONAIRES TRUFFLES recipe in your competition. I’ve tweeted the recipe but wanted to expand on it here due to the restricted characters on twitter.

    MILLIONAIRES TRUFFLES – devilishly indulgent chocolate tartlets.
    A fine layer of chocolate indulgence cake, covered with salted caramel and topped with dark chocolate ganache, all encased in a milk chocolate tartlet case. (I’m tempted to add a white chocolate logo or decorative finish on the top of the tartlet but am not 100% sure yet as this recipe is something I’ve been developing over the last few weeks and am still fine tuning it).

    The tartlets are 4cm in diameter and 1.5 cm deep, so quite petite.
    For a dessert dish I would serve 3 of them with a pile of cream topped with a chocolate curl and some salted caramel sauce on the side.

    They could also be served individually with coffee.

    • Thanks for your entry Evelyn, that sounds scrumptious and very chocolatey indeed. Best of luck for the competition!

  2. I’d would like to enter my delicious chocolate desert idea into the contest.

    Name: “Chocolate explosion – It’s mint!”

    I would like to play on the idea of after dinner mints, and combine this with the delectable chocolate fondant desert, which I adore. A crisp outer shell, which once broken into gives way to lashings and lashings of delicious mint flavoured melted chocolate. This would be served with a mint chocolate chip ice-cream, presented with a mint leaf on top.

    Simple – but quite delicious.

  3. Thanks Jenny, you’ve certainly got our mouths watering! Mint and chocolate is an excellent pairing. Best of luck.

  4. Just an idea…
    Mine would be “Fireworks”
    A biscuit base with a thin layer of poached pear in a star anise syrup, dark chocolate mousse and popping candy on top…

    • Popping candy’s a fun touch (Heston Blumenthal would approve) and the poached pear sounds divine. Thanks for your entry!


    A chocolatey cake base, lots of fresh cherry, cherry jelly, chocolate custard, cream and plenty of kirsch!

  6. Corsican Cup-Cake – this was inspired by my daughter’s love for chocolate mint and is a slightly more grown-up version. This recipe (in its simplest form) just contains three ingredients, plain chocolate, crème de menthe and eggs. Plain chocolate is melted into cake cases of whatever size are considered appropriate and cooled. I Beat the remaining chocolate with egg yolks and crème de menthe then add whisked egg whites. Spoon, chill and decorate :)

  7. Chocolate firecrackers

    Simple but effective rice krispy style cakes with raspberries and popping candy. Served in a pastry case but you will want to eat more than one or you will go crackers

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