The Acorn Awards & Future Leaders for the Hotel & Catering Industry

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all still enjoying this unseasonably mild weather in London – hard to believe we are almost into December and we have barely had one really cold day so far!! Hopefully I am not tempting fate by mentioning it on my blog so that I bring a big freeze down up on us!!

We have as ever been kept very busy in the hotel – this week we are upgrading one of our most important systems in the hotel – in our revenue department which is going to streamline a lot of our booking, rate loading and forecasting systems – all of which are quite laborious and manual at the moment so this upgrade to our systems is going to certainly make it so much easier for us to review key data for the hotel. So we are really looking forward to embracing these new processes and system as it will enable us to make much more strategic decisions for the hotel. So Vincent and Cyril in our Revenue Team have a few really busy weeks ahead of them trying to juggle the day job with a big system integration but I know they are looking forward to all the benefits the new system will bring to them – and even though I am not a very system savvy person – so am I!!!!

As we are coming to the end of the year I am spending a lot of time with Adam Morriss as we shape our sales and marketing activities for the next six months – this is a time where try to contact as many clients as possible to thank them for their loyalty to us especially those who have placed the lion share of their r business with us all year and also have the final discussions for agreements, contracts and potential business for next year – so we have a number of lunches and meetings to try and reach out to as many of our contacts we can. Our US team James, Chris, Michael & Charlene also do a sterling job of this on our behalf across the pond – hard to believe it is only four weeks to go until Christmas now – I don’t think I have ever known a year race past so quickly.

The Acorn AwardsThis week as well, we are keeping our fingers crossed for one of our star performers, Adrian Murfin, who works in Equus Bar and has been shortlisted down to the last ten finalists to win an Acorn Scholarship.  The Acorn Scholarship is an independent award created by previous winners of Caterer and Hotelkeeper’s Acorn Awards.

Now in its 10th year, the Scholarship’s objective is to seek out talented individuals within the catering and hospitality industry and help them realise their ambitions and reward their determination.

Adrian practiced his presentation in front of all the management team last week and very gamely took all the constructive feedback that they generously shared with him – but I have to say whether he wins or not we are all extraordinarily proud of him and it goes without saying that on behalf of everyone we all wish him lots of luck and success in his presentation in Exeter this week! I will keep you posted on how he gets on!

A few weeks ago I spoke about the Mentoring programme that we have embarked on in the hotel for our future leaders of tomorrow – I have my first meeting with Umesh Dalal who is currently working in our Meeting & Events Department now – having previously held the position of Assistant Restaurant Manager and aspires to achieve a senior management position within our industry – so I am looking forward to working with Umesh to help and assist him in any way that I can to enable him to achieve his aspirations. I think mentoring is something that has become very important the world of business – not to tell people how to solve their problems and challenges but to help people to step back and perhaps view things form a different perspective. I now have the joy of mentoring four different people at different stages of their careers and I have to say it is one of the more rewarding aspects of my job!

Speaking of job I am afraid dear bloggers I am going to have to take leave of you again as, as always there are a number of demands on my time this afternoon. I hope you all have a very successful week and not to stress you but just in case you have forgotten there are only 26 shopping days left until Christmas!!! If you are in the area pop in and treat yourselves to our Festive Afternoon tea – a great way to relax and unwind after a busy and frenetic few hours in the shops!!


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